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Please view our range of Mobility Scooters below.

We are proud suppliers of a wide range of Mobility Scooters including AMW, Invacare and Pride and can help you select the right scooter for you and your specific needs.  With our mobile van service we can bring you the scooter of your choice to try in and around the area you will be using it most.

We can also do any maintenance on your scooter - if you can't come to us we can come to you!

A Mobility Scooter can be your key to independence and freedom. If you have limited mobility, or are unable or unwilling to drive a car, a Mobility Ccooter is a great way to get you where you want to go safely – particularly if you’re just going to the local shops or anywhere that’s a little too far away to walk.

If you have any questions, special requirements or can't find what you are looking for please call us on 09 4303469 and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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